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Image 17: Cylinders/Saddle Secured Web page 6 Picture 18: Bearing meeting Picture 19: Quartering and Securing Detail Picture 20: Quartering Body Page 7 Image 21: Cylinder Covers Image 22: Wheels, Axles, Bearings Ready to Roll Web page 8 Picture 23: Boiler/Smokebox Details Picture 24: Pilot and Trailing Truck Wheels Picture 25: Predominant Leaf Springs Picture 26: Boiler/Smokebox materials Page 9 image 27: Brake Shoes and Arms picture 28: Brake Equalizers installed picture 29: Spring Clips soldered to high springs and painted Page 10 picture 30: Smokebox, Cover, and Door, able to drill and faucet picture 31: Drilling Smokebox Cover picture 32: Smokebox cover, door, and guard canines picture 33: Ensure the Smokebox is sq. image 34: Bolting the Smokebox to the Saddle Web page eleven picture 39: Gene Allen Cab nearing completion image 40: Valve Gear Brackets just want drilled picture 41: Reverse Gear Bearings image 42: Rear Valve Gear Beam with Reverse Bearings picture 43: Valve Gear Beams and Bearings put in Page 12 picture 44: Crosshead Bearings image 45: Crosshead, Bearings, Guides, and Slides picture 46: Piston Rod, Crosshead, and Information image 47: If you beloved this write-up and you would like to obtain more details with regards to www.Vethy.com kindly pay a visit to our own web page. End of Piston in Cylinder picture 48: Rod and Slide Asseembly (removed from loco) picture 49: Crosshead Slide Mounting Bracket picture 50: Milling the principle Rods with the Rotary Table.

Web page 24 Picture 140 — Headlight mounted to Smokebox Door Picture 141 — Reverse Lever and Brake Stand Image 142 — Cabside view of Johnson Bar and Brake Valve Picture 143 — Oil Pump Cam Picture 144 — Organising Cam Offset Picture 145 — Turning the inside bore Image 146 — Before chopping away for axle set up Image 147 — Coupler and Pocket mounted to Pilot Beam Web page 25 Image 148 — Oiler Cam mounted on axle Picture 149 — Brackets to mount pilot beam Image 150 — Pilot and Front Coupler ready to go Picture 151 — Turning the Ring Slots in the Pistons Picture 152 — Accomplished Piston Image 153 — Machining New Teflon Rings Image 154 — Piston Rod Glands Image 156 — Lubricator Piping Web page 26 Picture 159 — Department Pipe Jackets and Flanges and the Instruments to make them. 2. Frames on Arrival Web page 2 Image 3. Turning the Driving Wheels Image 4. Starting to Machine Counterbalance Picture 5: Four of the eight Drivers Completed Picture 6: Drivers, Axles and Bearings Page 3 Picture 7. Body, spreaders, plates, and binders Picture 8. Rear spreader, Drawbar beam, and Drag beam Image 9: Pilot beam, Front Deck, Pilot truck radius arm hanger Page 4 Image 10. Saddle, Entrance Deck, Pilot Beam, Body Plate Picture 11: One other view Picture 12: Cylinder machining Picture 13: Cylinder Machining Image 14: Accomplished Cylinders and Saddle Web page 5 Picture 15: Machining Cylinder Covers Image 16: Valve/cylinder covers on.

Rear Radius Arm Hanger. Four Driver and Links Picture 80 — Rear Equalizer Spring Assemblies Picture eighty one — Trailing Truck Coil Spring Holders Picture eighty two — Number four Driver Equalizer Yokes installed Picture 83 — Rear Equalizer related to Trailing Truck Page 17 Picture 84 — Brake Cylinder and Levers Picture 85 — The Lacking Hyperlink Installed Image 86 — Plenty of Wheels Picture 87 — Finally, Again on it is Wheels Picture 88 — Leaf Springs Put in. Page 27 Image 162 — Rear Boiler Assist Picture 163 — The Black Gap Image 164 — Brake Pipe and Clamps Image 166 — Throttle Valve and Department Tee Image 167 — Firedoor Handle Page 28 Image 168 — Reverse Rod and Linkages Picture 169 — Reverse Rod and Linkages Image 170 — Quantity Boards Picture 171 — Left side boiler supports and weld tabs Picture 172 — Right side boiler helps and weld tabs Picture 173 — Chassis with Boiler Helps and Wrappers Picture 174 — Cylinder Wrappers Picture 175 — Cylinder Wrappers – drilling and tapping bottom holes Web page 29 Picture 178 — A Semi-Automatic Cylinder Drain Valve Image 179 — Exploded View – Cylinder Drain Valve Image 180 — Exploded View – Cylinder Drain Valve Picture 181 — Piping the Cylinder Drains Image 182 — The Previous Reverse Shaft location Picture 183 — The brand new Reverse Shaft location Image 184 — Finally, A Mechanical Lubricator that Works Web page 30 Image 185 — Inspection Knobs and Feedwater Go-through Picture 186 — The Liberty Bell Picture 187 — Steam Dome Boiler Gap Image 188 — Threaded Stack Pipe Adapter Image 189 — Cab Piping Image 190 — Security Valve in Cab Roof Picture 191 — The “Further” Dome Picture 192 — The “Additional” Dome drawing Image 194 — Piping secured below right walkway Page 31 Image 195 — Slide Whistle Picture 196 — Whistle Manifold Picture 197 — Whistles Soldered into Manifold Plate Picture 198 — Underside painting – (proper facet) Picture 199 — Underside painting – (left side) Image 200 — Chassis Topside Painting Picture 201 — Piping below the Boiler Page 32 Picture 202 — Boiler Welded to Angled Helps Image 203 — Piping Linked between Frame and Superstructure Image 204 — New Reverse Rod linked Picture 205 — Reverse Lever Detent Tensioning Picture 206 — Air Chuck for the Ersatz Boiler Image 207 — Grab Irons or “J” Bars added to Cab Image 208 — Cab Roof Prop Rod Image 209 — Walkway Anti-Slips Picture 210 — Flag Holders Image 211 — Whistle Mounting Page 33 Picture 212 — Air Tank (whistle) Finish Image 213 — Arch Braces and Base Stancions Image 214 — Sand Piping Image 215 — Ersatz Boiler, Saddle End.

An oil stress switch on the automated transmission generates an electrical signal to open the air valve. 3. Excessive strain is confined to small sizes. 1. Excessive Expander adiabatic effectivity. Engine energy output and effectivity will even benefit from the cleansing. 4. Web efficiency is excessive although the condensing temperature is kind of high. 2. High ratio of Imply Efficient Strain to Peak Strain. There varied different advanced technical sophistications like PGM-Fi (Programmable Fuel Injection), Oil cooled engine, engine oil temperature sensor, 16 bit ECU Processor, 12 Gap Gasoline Injector, Intake air temperature sensor, Crank position sensor, Throttle position sensor, Oxygen sensor, Gasoline charged shock absorbers, Idle air management valve, Rear disc brake and Mainfold absolute pressure sensor. Control parts together with stress valves, circulate valves and path of the valve. Unlike the ball valve, due to the fixed presence of the disc inside the flow, there’s a strain drop induced even when open.

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