Dianthus Moonvista- 70 cm


Grades of a flowers: Moonvista

Available on backorder


Product Details
Grades of a flowers: Moonvista
Color: Purple
Stem length: 70 cm
Plantation name: MOONEC
The country: Ecuador

How to place an order for flowers through the site.
On the site Westeria.world, you can arrange by putting flowers in a basket and placing an order. You can form and fill out an application by choosing plant types, varieties and lengths. After which you will receive a preliminary calculation of the price and weight, as well as the cost of delivery. The price on the site is for one flower.

The size and weight of the boxes.
The weight of the HALF BOX can range from 24 to 30 kg. Please note that the standard box (FULL BOX), as a rule, consists of two pencil cases (HALF BOX) of size (119.5 x 28.5 x 28.5 cm).

The number of colors in the box (HALF BOX).
Rose 90 cm. 150-250 pcs.
80 cm. 200-250 pcs.
70 cm. 250-300 pcs.
60 cm. 300-350 pcs.
50 cm. 400-450 pcs.
40 cm. 450-500 pcs.
Shrub rose 200 stems
Chrysanthemum 80 cm. 300 pcs.
Clove 700-1200 pcs.

Minimum scope of supply?
The minimum recommended order is 10-15 boxes.

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