Exact Time To Failure – Television Tropes

– Star Trek does this one all the time. – Star Trek: The original Series. In “That Which Survives” the Enterprise’s engines are sabotaged and the ship accelerates to extraordinarily excessive speeds. Spock estimates that the engines will overload and detonate in 14.87 minutes, and continues giving a precise countdown as time passes (12 minutes 21 seconds, 10 minutes 19 seconds, and кредит онлайн в Ewa Cash 8 minutes 41 seconds).

– Happens continually with the Vulcans. Made extra logical once they made an android a crewmember in Star Trek: The following Technology.

– Star Trek: Voyager performed with this when Janeway decided to take a bunch of her worst crew members out on a mission to get them to shape up. One among them, a girl who cannot do twenty fourth-century math to save her life, gets put answerable for the one factor you want math for: calculating time to influence. “Shockwave influence in three, two, one. [pause] Roughly.”

The problem of indexing time sequence has attracted a lot interest. Most algorithms used to index time collection utilize the Euclidean distance or some variation thereof. Nevertheless, it has been forcefully proven that the Euclidean distance is a really brittle distance measure. Dynamic time warping (DTW) is a way more robust distance measure for time series, allowing similar shapes to match even when they are out of phase within the time axis. Because of this flexibility, DTW is extensively utilized in science, medication, industry and finance. Sadly, nonetheless, DTW does not obey the triangular inequality and thus has resisted makes an attempt at precise indexing. Instead, many researchers have introduced approximate indexing strategies or abandoned the concept of indexing and concentrated on speeding up sequential searches. On this work, we introduce a novel technique for the precise indexing of DTW. We prove that our technique guarantees no false dismissals and we reveal its huge superiority over all competing approaches in the biggest and most complete set of time series indexing experiments ever undertaken.

Except for students with lodging for extended time, the SAT ought to take the identical amount of time in any testing middle within the U.S. or internationally. The fact is that there could be some variation in terms of break time, with some proctors being more flexible and permitting between five and ten minutes. If there were any issues, reminiscent of distracting noise or a scholar being dismissed for cellphone use, this could also potentially trigger a delay.

Which of the next is among the questions that a mission statement ought to answer? A. When was the final time the neighborhood has skilled catastrophe? B. Is the neighborhood able to launch a hazard mitigation program? C. What is the precise price of the plan execution? D. For whom or where is the plan being developed?

One thing to BE VERY Cautious ABOUT: keep your “units” straight, and ideally with their numbers in your work as you go. Typically you should have an issue the place one rate is given in miles per hour and another fee is ft per second, or they provides you with a charge in miles per hour and ask you about something in minutes. Or they’ll ask about distances in miles after giving rates in toes per second. Nearly something can differ “unit”-sensible, so watch out, and keep your models together with your numbers. In any other case you could end up adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing “not like” stuff you do not realize are inappropriate to place together. E.g., you cannot subtract 25 toes/second from 50 miles/hour and get “25” feet/second or miles/hour. (In physics, and elsewhere, you possibly can multiply or divide numerous not like units of sure sorts, to get foot-seconds or gram-centimeters or whatever, but once more you’ve to maintain all that straight or you will mix some inappropriately, and get unsuitable numbers with mistaken items.)

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